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Turn on your computer, log in with your user… And that’s it, your desktop ready with your apps, documents and programs. As easy as it gets. Expand the useful life of your computers, resources are now up in the cloud.

All Devices
All Devices

Who is this for?

Virtual desktops within the cloud is useful in all industries, no matter company size, software, CRM or user number, we create completely personalized IT infrastructures based on our client’s needs. Every bit counts!
Our final solution allows you to diminish cost, and make them flexible to your needs, forget headaches and focus all your energy developing your business, we will take care of your IT.

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‘Anywhere Anytime’ access

What do you do if you want to access your computer from home, from the office, or from a hotel? No matter what device you're connecting from, the end-user experience of using a virtual cloud desktop is identical to that of a desktop PC. Access your computer where you want, when you want.


Virtual Cloud Desktop: the on-demand remote desktop

iDesktop solutions give you access to a virtual desktop in the cloud. This means that your workspace and applications are always available. In a few clicks you can create your remote desktop and access your workstation from the Microsoft Remote client on iPadOS.

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Key advantages


Have you ever lost your laptop? Thanks to the Virtual Cloud Desktop, you won't have to fear losing your data if your computer were to disappear. Your data and applications are hosted on iDesktop servers and therefore always accessible no matter what happens.

Remote working

Do you have to travel a lot for work? Reach your work station and your data wherever you are by connecting to your desktop. Your user experience will remain exactly the same.

Pre-installed applications

You get a Windows environment with all the mainstream applications: Windows licence, LibreOffice, Adobe Acrobat Reader… You can access them from any browser, any terminal, operating system of location.

Availability and performance

Virtualising your work station allows you to host applications that consume a lot of resources in the cloud, and access them from any platform. This means you can enjoy optimum performance on any device: a real advantage when you have to move around for your work.

Different Platforms. Same User Interface. Equal Performance.

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